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What Is NPP, the New Payment Platform?

The NPP (New Payment Platform) is an innovative platform to give Australian consumers and institutions a new way to make everyday payments. Also known as the New Payments Platform, the NPP will allow Australians to make low-value payments 24 hours a day in less than...

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7 Steps to Creating a Well-Diversified Portfolio

How can you make more money when investing? And how do you protect your investments from market downturns and unexpected future events? The answer is diversification. If you’re looking to build your investment portfolio, diversifying is important. A diversified...

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What is an Open-End Loan

Open-end loans provide funds for projects, vacations, hobbies and more. They deliver access to an ongoing line of credit that can be redrawn and re-purposed anytime, if loan conditions are being met. Credit card owners may not be aware, but they also rely on a line of...

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